As a socially responsible organization, 3MI LAB is honored to announce its sponsorship of a significant initiative led by the IPA Hrvatska Sekcija.

In alignment with their decade-long tradition of implementing preventive and educational projects, IPA Hrvatska Sekcija continues to make strides with the release of new editions tailored to current societal issues.

  • The topic of sexual violence is a pressing concern in Croatia and across the globe. To address this critical issue, IPA Hrvatska Sekcija has assembled a team of experts to develop a comprehensive brochure titled “Sexual Abuse.” This important publication aims to educate targeted groups, particularly the youth and their parents, providing vital information on the topic, relevant statistics within the Republic of Croatia and select European Union countries.
  • The brochure is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering insights into the modalities of sexual violence, its recognition, guidance on actions and reporting procedures, legal frameworks, and the institutions that victims can turn to, among other valuable information.
  • Led by the esteemed Davor Čorak, MD, specialist epidemiologist, a dedicated seven-member professional team, who deal with this issue in their daily work and study, has contributed their expertise to this guide. The first batch of 3000 copies will be distributed in December this year, starting in parts of Zagreb, with plans to expand distribution throughout the whole Republic of Croatia.

Our support for this initiative reflects our commitment to empowering our community and contributing to a more proactive confrontation against this negative social phenomenon.

We stand with survivors, educators, and professionals in bringing this pervasive issue to light and working towards a safer society for all.