C# - 3MiLAB


Our team leverages this Microsoft versatile language to develop sleek, contemporary software.

.NET Core - 3MiLAB

.NET Core

Empowering your vision, we construct backends for desktop, web, or mobile initiatives using this robust Microsoft platform.

Azure - 3MiLAB


Leveraging the unparalleled capabilities of Microsoft Azure, we achieve a distinct advantage in developing, testing, and overseeing projects.

Xamarin - 3MiLAB


Utilizing the versatility of cross-platform technology, our developers harness C# and Xamarin to craft affordable apps with native performance across various platforms.

Angular - 3MiLAB


Through the strengths of Angular, we architect vibrant single-page solutions, tapping into key functionalities like bidirectional data binding, integration with RESTful APIs, modular dependency management, template-driven design, and seamless AJAX interactions.

Microsoft WPF - 3MiLAB

Microsoft WPF

In the sphere of WPF development, our team specializes in creating robust, intuitive, and dynamic desktop applications that enhance user interaction and provide seamless user experiences.

Typescript - 3MiLAB


Pairing with JavaScript, we devise expansive applications, providing projects with robust type protection and sophisticated handling of state changes.

GraphQL - 3MiLAB


Our team employs GraphQL, a powerful query language, to design efficient and flexible APIs.

MS BizTalk - 3MiLAB

MS BizTalk

Leveraging BizTalk Server, our team orchestrates seamless integrations and automates business processes, ensuring efficient data flow and communication across diverse systems.

MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL - 3MiLAB

MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Employing a diverse array of databases like MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, our team ensures robust data management and optimized performance tailored to each project's specific needs.

API, Web services - 3MiLAB

API, Web services

Harnessing the power of APIs, web services, and microservices, our team crafts interconnected solutions that ensure scalable, modular, and efficient system communication for diverse applications.

SpecFlow - 3MiLAB


Utilizing SpecFlow, our team seamlessly translates business requirements into executable specifications, ensuring alignment and enhanced test automation throughout the project lifecycle.