Our team

Our dedicated team of 15+ IT professionals is committed to your success

Our team comprises of experienced product experts, developers, architects, and product managers who take a vested interest in our client’s projects, approaching each one with the same level of care and commitment as we would with our own

Software engineers

Our team of senior developers has over 15 years of experience and are true software craftsmen with a passion for building highly scalable and robust systems. They possess a deep understanding of software design patterns, clean code principles, and utilize cutting-edge technologies, including web technologies such as Angular, to consistently deliver world-class solutions that drive […]

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Our software architects are the visionaries behind the technical aspects of our projects. They are responsible for developing and maintaining the technical roadmap for each project and ensuring that all development is in line with industry best practices. With over 15 years of experience, our software architects are well-versed in a variety of technologies, including […]

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System integrators

Our system integrators are experts in building and managing complex SOA ecosystems and web service architectures. With extensive experience in the BizTalk, Oracle SOA and Azure environments, they specialize in seamlessly integrating disparate systems to create a unified, efficient solution. They pride themselves on their ability to identify and solve complex technical challenges, delivering robust, […]

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Product owners, business analysts, technical account managers

Our team of highly experienced product owners, business analysts, and technical account managers bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to every project they work on. They possess a deep understanding of business processes, technology stacks, and project management, allowing them to effectively manage the needs of clients with complex projects. Our product owners and […]

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