Software Development Outsourcing

If your digital aspirations are hindered by a slew of development obstacles, you’re in the right spot. As a top-tier software outsourcing firm, 3mi lab offers a reservoir of proven experts ready to tackle any challenge head-on.

Staff Augmentation

  • If you have an established in-house team and aim to reinforce it, staff augmentation stands as the optimal solution. Select from our range of backend, frontend developers, architects, team leaders, and integration experts to seamlessly enhance your team’s capabilities

Dedicated Teams

  • Possessing familiarity with digital products yet lacking an in-house development team? In such scenarios, opting for a dedicated team emerges as your prime choice. Following our project requirement discussion, we will curate a team of developers, encompassing the exact skills required for project completion.

Project Based

  • If app development feels unfamiliar, the project-based outsourcing model is tailored to you. Our assembled team, encompassing developers, architects, product owners, and business advisors, will guide your project from start to post-launch, ensuring its seamless realization.



Is the Moment Right to Collaborate with a Product Development Outsourcing Partner?

Advanced Software Consulting

  • Benefit from comprehensive business evaluations to align your goals, embrace forward-thinking digital tactics, and select the optimal technology stacks for your projects. With 3mi lab, you receive strategic roadmaps to guide your long-term business aspirations and a well-defined development framework.

Custom Software Development

  • Through meticulous business analysis, thorough market research on customer preferences, and comprehensive competitor studies, 3mi lab helps you pinpoint your business needs. Our skilled developers then craft tailored solutions to give you a competitive edge.

Legacy Modernization

  • Facing process slowdowns with your current tech solution? Rely on 3mi lab to refresh your mainframe systems, refine codes, and adapt functionalities to meet contemporary market needs. We prioritize smooth integration and robust data security.

Project Rescue

  • Tap into 3mi lab’s premier software project rescue team. Align with Microsoft’s standards and top industry practices, pinpointing and bridging gaps in the development journey. Let us pivot any project in progress towards a results-focused outcome.

DevOps Integration

  • Incorporate the best in class DevOps methodologies to craft efficient CI/CD pipelines. Our DevOps specialists are primed to develop future-ready, budget-conscious, and visually striking software solutions that elevate your customer experience.

Cloud Development

  • Optimize your operations and digital landscape with cloud-adaptive, agile, and efficient applications. With 3mi lab, benefit from insightful business analyses ensuring your transition to the cloud is both smooth and fortified.

Enterprise Solutions

  • Facing complex business challenges? Our enterprise software mavens offer a wide range of development services. Leveraging top-notch technology resources, we devise enterprise solutions that resonate with your business objectives.

Software Maintenance

  • Our commitment extends beyond software deployment. Trust 3mi lab for post-launch software care, swiftly addressing operational hiccups, providing timely troubleshooting, and offering deep insights for informed decision-making.